Is Recovry a replacement to FindMyPhone?
You might use it in that way, but we see them as complementary – extra insurance for something which many of us are lost without. And, of course, your one Recovry number can be used on all your invaluables not just your phone.
One Recovry ID reaches all my contacts?
Yes. You can choose who you want alerts to be sent to, if you lose an item. If you want different alerts for different items, you can simply buy two Recovry ID numbers eg you might want to set up different contacts for work equipment vs your daughters school uniform.
Why shouldn’t I just write my name and address on my property?
For security reasons you are strongly advised not to openly display your name and address details on your luggage or other personal belongings, your unique identity number eliminates the need for you to display your name and address, thus protecting your personal details from prying eyes.
What can I use my Recovry ID for?
Buy one Recovry ID and you can apply it to anything eg electronics (mobile phone, laptop, digital camera, camera), daily items (keys, watch, wallet, school bag, luggage), equipment and clothing (school uniform, golf clubs, racquets)
How long does it take for me to be protected with Recovry?
It’s pretty much immediate. You download the app for free, and when you activate you will be sent a personal reference code. You simply display that and the recovry phone number on wallpaper of your choice. That’s it. Easy.
How are my possessions returned to me?
The person who found your invaluable will leave it somewhere convenient and leave a message with the location. They may also offer to post it back to you.
In Case of Emergency
I have got ICE on my phone already – why use Recovry ICE?
Sometimes the existing ICE system is tricky – numbers aren’t answered or are engaged or take too long to scroll through. With Recovry:
* You have an option to record an ICE answerphone message eg ‘if this is a medical emergency, please note that I am allergic to penicillin’.
* The callers voicemail will be automatically sent to all listed ICE contacts in a method pre-selected by the Recovry owner
It is fast, reliable and secure. Exactly what you need when there is an emergency.
Will Recovry work worldwide?
Yes. Recovry makes it easy for finders to contact you 24/7 from anywhere in the world and arranging to leave your phone somewhere convenient or even post it back to you.
How do I update my contacts?
You can do that simply and easily at – just click through to your profile page. You can also add new items to your list or update the status of individual items.