Protect business assets with Recovry

Recovry is a low cost, easy extra piece of insurance for any business with valuable assets – laptops, smart-phones, briefcases, keys and more.

In Britain alone, employees in a single year lost almost 10 million mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops holding sensitive business data. One in five (19 per cent) of employees say they lost their mobile device on a work night out, one in six (16 per cent) left it on public transport, others were in taxis and public toilets*.

With a Recovry unique ID, there’s an easy way for valuables to be returned directly to their owners/your company before you have to call on insurances, suffer significant downtime or open yourself up to security risks.

Recovry for Business:


  • One unique Recovry ID for each employee
  • Apply to company assets – digital ‘sticker’ for laptops and phones, physical stickers for keys and equipment
  • Priced according to volume

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