Report it here.

If you’ve found something, you probably want to get it back to the owner. So simply call us on (CALL-IN NUMBER – UK OR US NUMBER DEPENDING WHICH ‘SITE’ THE USER IS ON), and leave a message with where you’ve left the item and with whom. Or you can jot the same in to the form below.
In either case, your message will be sent instantly to the owner and their friends, so there’s the best chance of a happy ‘recovry’. Safe and easy for everyone.

Would you like free Recovry?

We’d like thank you for coming to the rescue. So, if you’d like Recovry yourself, we’d love to give you six months of the service completely free of charge. Just download the app within the next 7 days, and quote the Recovry ID you found.


If you’ve lost something with a Recovry ID on it, check that you have set up all your Alerts correctly. Remember the moment a ‘finder’ leaves a message, we will broadcast this information to all recipients that you have set up under the Alerts section.