How Recovry works

If you found a lost invaluable like a phone, you’d know it’s important and want to retun it.
Recovry makes that easy and secure.
With Recovry and RecovryICE the whole world can come to the rescue.


Helping lost items
find their way home.

With your unique Recovry ID on your lock screen, anyone who finds your phone (or tablet) can leave it somewhere secure and call or mail us with the details.

We’ll then instantly and simultaneously alert all the people you’ve told us to contact. So you won’t be franticly visiting lost and found offices.

Hi – I found your mobile phone on the beach. I handed it to the Promenade Hotel front desk.

Instant multiple emergency alerts.

‘In Case of Emergency’, there’s RecovryICE. Forget the normal slog of listing contacts that someone has to call one after another – or that people are engaged or not picking up.

One call to Recovry, and not only do they hear vital medical info (like “I’m allergic to Penicillin”) but all your emergency contacts will get an instant alert. So everyone is in the know.

FREE for a limited time!

When your lost item
is found.


Someone spots your lost phone with the Recovry number and your unique ID shown on your lock screen wallpaper.


They call us and leave a message saying where and with whom they’ve left your invaluable.


We instantly send you alerts through all the contacts you’ve given us, so you can retrieve it .quickly and safely.

Recovry Sticker

Use printed stickers too.

Once you have a Recovry ID, you can use it to protect anything.
We will email you stickers to print out and stick on all
your invaluables. Ideal for the whole family!

When someone finds you
in an emergency situation.

If a passer-by or the emergency services picks up your mo-bile, they’ll see your digital sticker on your lock screen, containing our Recovry call centre number and your unique ID.When they dial in (on their mobile) quoting your ID, they’ll hear any message you’ve recorded with vital information you’ve left, eg “If I’m injured, my blood group is A+ and I’m allergic to Penicillin”.They’ll then be asked to leave an emergency message, which our system will pass on instantaneously and simultaneously to all your emergency contacts.


FREE for a limited time!

Be safe and secure

No-one wants their personal details revealed – especially now that phones are like wallets, and ID theft is on the up.
We’ll keep your details safe – the only thing the world sees is our name and number.


Why risk it?

Ok, so your monthly phone bill isn’t that high – and it’s insured – so it will be replaced. But what about the pictures you didn’t back up, or the messages and texts you never saved? And then there is the hassle of paperwork and the
wait for a replacement – and the co-pay…


With Recovry, you have that extra insurance.
Why wouldn’t you do that?